Discovering new places, trying out new cuisines, experimenting with food – that is me when it comes to food. My every rendezvous with food is like saying “Adventure is out there!”. (In my neighbour’s kitchen mostly 😂😂)

So punehungry was born out of the same simple urge to tell the world of all the amazing food places that are out there for everyone to try. Right from the double cheese grilled sunny side up sandwich that I make for breakfast (hit me up if you want to talk about it) to a multi course meal at a fine dine!

It is my humble attempt at sharing my experiences of some amazing food right from the locale street food to fine dine restaurants from the ever growing food industry all over Pune. This is a micro blog and so you’ll find more pictures than words. Because, I feel, when it comes to food, pictures speak more than words.

When not writing blogs or eating you will find me sipping black coffee while cracking PUN-gent jokes and teaching children. PUN is a major part of PUNehungry, quite literally.

Hope you enjoy reading about my Food Travelogue 😀

Happy Fooding!